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Discover Vasilis Skarleas’s portfolio that includes web and app projects. Our clients love what we are doing and how we handle their request. Find out all our projects below and information regarding their development and integrated solutions.

App projects

February 2021

ChangemakerZ Portal

ChangemakerZ Portal is a cloud based web app that gives access to advertisers, podcast guests, marketing integrators, and team members access to website analytics, visitors behavior and podcast performance. The application is available on Available on Apple and Play Store

August 2021

VScloud Connect

VScloud Connect is an all in one project management tool, insights access point for your active website, a domain name handling platform, as well as professional emails and hosting information provider for your Vasilis Skarleas project.

It consists of different administration and project management tools. A cloud-based system designed to accelerate workflows and provide essential information in a secure environment.

November 2022

ChangemakerZ App

The ChangemakerZ app is a social change app which aims to share resources and accelerate ideas exchange. It features GenZ related sources and promotes great initiatives, as well as it incorporates the GenZers to rise! Podcast into its media library.

February 2023


Fair trade, with eco-responsible products and stores near you. Lekitable focuses on fair trade in an ecological and human dynamic. We work with responsible stores and listen to them.

December 2023

Patients DB 2.0

Developed a patients management system that allows Christos Skarleas MD to upload and manage patient information or even to save those information on his personal archive. This system is based on an advanced low-code management platform that is HIPAA compliant, suitable to save and access medical files on such servers.

Web projects


While exploring the brazier market, they identified two very distinct categories: on the one hand, the entry-level, affordable but often devoid of additional options, resting…

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Primmo Flash

Independent since their beginnings, their rigor and efficiency have made Primmo-Flash a major player in your sector. Over the years, the Primmo-Flash team has built…

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Georgios Vasilakis

Georgios Vasilakis is a theologian-researcher. He asked us to showcase his experience and creat the an online presence for his contributions. You can definitely check…

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T&T Capital

T&T Capital is an independent, student-led finance organization between Cornell University and New York University. We strive to bring together the brightest and most promising…

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Conférence JOJ

Conference JOJ de Metropole Orthodoxe de France website

Since 2023 the Greek Orthodoxe Metropole of France is organizing a conference called the JOJ that aims to connect the youth members of their community….

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Ilias Seferiadis Copywiter

Ilias Seferiadis Copywriter website

Ilias Seferiadis was born on February 3, 2005 and studies Psychology at the University of Nicosia. He writes novels, short stories, and poems. He intends…

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Ioanna Symeonidou Housing Management

Ioanna Symeonidou Housing Management website

Ioanna Symeonidou Housing Management offer Innovative Services for Modern Living. They are specialized in Airbnb management solutions mainly in Athens Metropolitan Area and they were…

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GenZers to rise! Podcast

The GenZers to rise! Podcast is all about entrepreneurship and GenZ. While being the producer and the host of the show, my vision was to…

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When I was member of the C-level team at the ChangemakerZ stydent-led initiative, I redesigned the website of the organization. The main reason we did…

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BeMe Health

I was given the opportunity to redesign the BeMe Health website. BeMe is a new teen emotional support resource built by a team of teens…

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Ekali Riding School

This was my first WordPress website. Its latest version with advanced security powered by Vasilis Skarleas Cloud. Hosted by Hetzner online, this website integrates the…

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Rayze Consulting

I redesigned the Rayze Consulting website from the ground up. We established new goals with the founders and I created their whole emails infrastructure. In…

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I designed and developed this website that includes more than 50 separate pages. The ΚΕ.ΦΑΠ website is based on local SEO marketing with advanced third…

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Christos Skarleas

It was first type working on a website for a Doctor. I had to create from scratch the online image of the MD and to…

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I have designed, implemented and put in action the whole Lekitable Marketplace, Support Management Systems, Professional Tools services used by the team members, as well…

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Isaë Roy Photographie

I developed the website for the photographer Isaë Roy. His work includes mainly fashion photobooks and portraits. Beautiful and minimal design were the guidelines for…

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Arlite Research

I had the opportunity to redesign and redevelop the website for Arlite Technology LLC. In parallel, I was working as a contract-developer for external projects…

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Balance in motion

I was responsible to bring in life a website for this new space at Marousi in Greece. In addition to that, I integrated a management…

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Anna Zygogianni MD

I developed the website for Ms Anna Zygogianni MD. This website concept integrates a connection via Google Scholarship and Google My Business to retrieve and…

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Villa Alba Mykonos

I developed all the inter communication systems in order to help the owner and its team to synchronize the rates and availability between all the…

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