Apps development

Apps industry is growing every single year. Have you ever thought about having an app for your brand ? Build your app today with Vasilis Skarleas.

Increases brand awareness

Having a branded app allows you to spread the word about your business with a click. It allows people to get more acquainted with who you are and the services that you offer.

New customers audience

Have you ever considered that there are only 8.93 million apps worldwide ? In comparison with the 1 billion sites, that number is extremely small. This creates a new opportunity for your brand to stand out – more people to discover it.

Strengthens your business

A mobile business application could also help strengthen your business by building relevance, familiarity, trust and credibility through your business-customer relationship.


Hear From Our Customers

Vasilis Skarleas has developed several web-based and apps, as well as mobile/tablet apps. Get ready to discover them!

The ChangemakerZ app is a social change app which aims to share resources and accelerate ideas exchange. It features GenZ related sources and promotes great initiatives, as well as it incorporates the GenZers to rise! Podcast into its media library. Discover it!

ChangemakerZ App

VScloud Connect is an all in one project management tool, insights access point for your active website, a domain name handling platform, as well as professional emails and hosting information provider for your Vasilis Skarleas project.

It consists of different administration and project management tools. A cloud-based system designed to accelerate workflows and provide essential information in a secure environment. Discover it!

vscloud connect app

VScloud Connect

Fair trade, with eco-responsible products and stores near you. Lekitable focuses on fair trade in an ecological and human dynamic. We work with responsible stores and listen to them. Discover it!



ChangemakerZ Portal is a cloud based web app that gives access to advertisers, podcast guests, marketing integrators, and team members access to website analytics, visitors behavior and podcast performance. Discover it!

CZ Portal

Developed a patients management system that allows Christos Skarleas MD to upload and manage patient information or even to save those information on his personal archive. This system is based on an advanced low-code management platform that is HIPAA compliant, suitable to save and access medical files on such servers.. Discover it!

patients 2.0 by vasilis skarleas

Patients DB 2.0

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