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Previously known as IBN Cloud, Vasilis Skarleas Cloud is a world class all-in-one web based app for website analytics, domain name details/registration, server access, request updates and more. It’s a product management tool designed specifically for the needs of our clients.

All our current services live in the heart of Vasilis Skarleas Cloud. Our brand new infrastructure powers some of our most used systems like the SpeedTest ads free service, CheckingMail AI core and all our communications. It’s based on a universal web app delivered from Firebase technologies.

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud is free to all our clients, collaborators and partners since it is also hosts some of the most beautiful services on the planet like the ChangemakerZ Portal, the TikTok Hub, the GenZers to rise! Podcast media, the ChangemakerZ Media and the Vasilis Skarleas Media.

Learn all the details and the features of Vasilis Skarleas Cloud, as well as how to sign up by visiting its official website below.

How it works

Once you have signed a project contract with our team, you can access the VSconnect dashboard. Your dashboard and views are dynamic based on the progress of your project.

In addition to VSconnect system, we are using Slack in order to communicate with all our clients. Services health is monitored from third party services including StatusPage and

Project management

Access to all the logs from your developer before the public release of your project

Infrastructure & accounts

All the details for your hosting plan, possibilities of expansion, domain name details, as well as professional email access keys.

Updates tracker

Manage and view all your requests sent to our team. This requests can be changes requests, content change etc. VScloud connect available on web and via its official apps.

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