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About Vasileios Filippos Skarleas

Vasileios Filippos Skarleas born in 2003 is a developer and media producer from Greece. Vasilis was the co-founder and CTO at Lekitable, the first green-network of products in France. He is the producer of the GenZers to rise! Podcast and the Global Navigators Podcast. Vasilis is passionate about the STEM and the development of new services like the Vasilis Skarleas Cloud. His interests include videography, aerial photography, digital art, 3D printing and robotics. Last but not least, he is an ambassador at Thred Media.

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Group of values, group of stories, group of opportunities. The Vasilis Skarleas Group‘s services and projects are waiting for you

Vasilis Skarleas mission

Turning ideas into reality

Vasilis designs digital platforms that elevate the customer experience. The brands he builds and the experiences he creates live at the intersection of clarity and surprise and are positioned to matter in culture through shared values and ideals.

Simplicity is what binds a company to its market, builds a winning strategy, and drives our day-to-day making. Vasilis Skarleas Cloud makes your project management more easier than even before.

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