I have designed, implemented and put in action the whole Lekitable Marketplace, Support Management Systems, Professional Tools services used by the team members, as well as the peripheral services like billing system, analytics system, recommendation-notification AI etc.

What was Lekitable ?

Set up by Jules, Vasilis and Isaë, the goal of Lekitable was to bring together small, medium and large companies, all responsible in the materials of their products and their design. On an online sales platform in order to make access to a responsible trade easier, controlled and diversified. After the first 17 small business partners, we realized a first launch, more than 300 visitors the first day. After analysis of the visitors and many feedbacks, we had to move towards brands more established in e-commerce, younger and popular. 10 partners were to come, they already had their e-commerce store, but the connection to their stock and orders was impossible because of a lack of possible API connections from our site. We would have had to pay another developer out of budget. We thank you for your interest. On our side, we will continue to innovate and create projects for the planet.