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We develop daring media concepts to make the difference. Our services include Podcasts production, Music production and Videos production. Our productions, inspired by GenZ, are expressing the dynamic view of every media and its audience or goal. Fresh, new and innovative is our mantra!

Explore our productions and our media services and get inspired from below.

Our media services

Some of the top podcast productions are produced from Vasilis Skarleas lab. We are talking about the GenZers to rise! Podcast. 40 different countries only from Spotify, 504 minutes of content which is more than the 82% of podcasts, on top 10% of most shared podcasts globally. We really had a moment! We are a top 10 podcast for 201 fans, a top 5 podcast for 153 fans and #1 podcast for 63 fans! More than 20K listens in two years from 152 different countries in total.


Vasilis Skarleas provides podcast production and distribution services. We are part of Zencastr legacy creators. We connect podcasts with marketing campaigns to maximise your profit and we take care for everything, from designing, to production and distribution. I am a podcaster as well, being on 10% most shared podcasts globally.


We produce, promote, and share music in collaboration with start-up artists. We share all our knowledge for social media marketing and we take care of all the details like a manager would do. Copyright headache? No problem! We van give you all the information you need, as well as to help you produce your single.


Our team is capable to produce videos including B-rolls, music video clips, and social media videos. We are using advanced software for editing including FCPX. Equipped with the OSMO camera stabilisers, DJI Mavic drone, and advanced HDR camera lens. Mainly focused on mobile filmography and social media growth via TikTok and YouTube shorts .

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