Currently, the Vasilis Skarleas Network counts 23 servers, hosting and providing code, assets, media and ressources to all our in-house services mentioned above. We receive more than 487K requests on our servers infrastructure every month, something that I didn’t expect it when I started this project as a hobby, 5 years ago.

Unfortunately we had to terminate the CheckingMail service in order to make space for more useful applications on our network. The termination took effect on 21st of June 2021.

What was Checkingmail ?

CheckingMail was a free anti-phishing service that can be used with any email account and needs no setup or access to your emails. Please note that this service is under experimentation.

We created this service because you have a right to privacy. Existing services did not respect it. We used robust encryption and a zero-tolerance policy for logs of any kind. Regain your privacy.

  • Outbound & inbound filtering
  • Masked email addesses
  • Lighting and fast deliverability

We do handleed incoming emails and we could read them, big data analyze them, sell them to third parties or anything you could think of. There is just one issue with that … we like to sleep well.

Unlike other services, we never kept logs nor metadata, never read emails, and were 100% open-source. Our core was using ForwardEmail by @niftylettuce, an open-source enthusiast and privacy advocate.

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