A new era for Vasilis Skarleas Media

We are so happy to announce that the rebranding has been completed for the Vasilis Skarleas Media subsidiary. New design, new logo, new fonts, new colors but with the same identity. We redesigned the website from the ground up in order to explain better our services and goals. In addition to that, we launched a new service called Audio advertisements.

Though the new design, you can find our latest productions that have been featured and published to different media channels. Moreover, our new site is fully compliant with GDPR and it’s connect with the central network of Vasilis Skarleas Group websites.

Revolutionising media from a GenZ perspective

Vasilis Skarleas, CEO @ Vasilis Skarleas Group 

NOTE: There are some services that are not still available with the new Vasilis Skarleas Media site. We are referring to the private productions pages. If you try to access any of this page, you will receive a 404 error message. This problem will be resolved in the next 24 hours.

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