ChangemakerZ is moving out

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ChangemakerZ says goodbye

Dear supporter,

We would love to thank you that you for all your support. ChangemakerZ won’t continue to publish any new content articles or interviews. Our website and social media accounts will stay available as a legacy of what ChangemakerZ was including its contribution to the world, especially during COVID-19 pandemic.

You may be aware about the GenZers to rise! Podcast. GenZers to rise! Podcast was ChangemakerZ’s very own podcast show. With the termination of ChangemakerZ actions, the GenZers to rise! Podcast show is acquired from the media producer Vasilis Skarleas.

The show will continue to publish new content under its new identity. Don’t forget to continue giving your love and supporting the show, as well as its app “ChangemakerZ”.

What’s next ?

There are some upcoming changes to our website so that we can officially announce the termination of ChangemakerZ activities. These changes will include some updates to the texts’ verbs tenses and an official post on the blog section.

You won’t receive any further emails from ChangemakerZ or the GenZers to rise! Podcast directly. All our newsletter contacts will be transferred to Vasilis Skarleas Group mailing if you have enabled to receive emails from ChangemakerZ third party partners.

Thank you very much for your support and for following along this journey.

Best regards,

ChangemakerZ Community Coordinator

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