Spotify Wrapped 2022 for GenZers to rise! Podcast

Spotify Wrapped 2022 for GenZers to rise! Podcast

#spotifywrapped2022 GenZers to rise! Podcast

Another year is coming to its end and Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here! This is the second Spotify Wrapped for the GenZers to rise! Podcast. We were waiting with such an excitement this year report and the results left us speechless. 

This year we produced 504 minutes of content. This is a lot of content! According to Spotify Wrap, this is more than 82% of the business & self-improvement categories podcasts. For one more year, the top podcast was “Turning a passion into a successful career with Gawx”. You nailed it since this episode had 999% more listens than an average episode. 

Only on Spotify, our listens came from 40 different countries. This year top 5 are India, USA, Greece, France and Bolivia.The GenZers to rise! Podcast was on top 10% hosted shared globally. Truly amazing! 

Nothing would be possible with our super engaged listeners. You are devotees which stands for “When your fans love a podcast, they really love it. They’re quick to support new releases and play their favorite episodes over and over”. 

Our podcast saw gains this year – 28% more followers. We really had a moment! We are a top 10 podcast for 201 fans, a top 5 podcast for 153 fans and #1 podcast for 63 fans! Thanks every one for your support. See you next year 🖐 

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